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Call Any Vegetable

and the chances are good a vegetable will respond to you

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Birthdate:Mar 24
Website:Food is Good!
I have a weakness for all things pickled (but not beets), licorice, Jane Austen and anything with a cello.

Fancy French ToastVegetable curry with nuts

Radishes and snap peas

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110 format photos, ahimsa, aprons from estate sales, astrid e. lizabeth, aubergines, avoiding phone calls, barbara budd, books, britannia sushi, buffy the vampire slayer, canlit, canning, cbc, chomolungma, christine fellows, chronicles of narnia, coffee at 4pm, cold mornings, compulsive grocery shopping, cs lewis, cunning linguists, current 93, curry, curvy ladies, danzig, david bowie, dead can dance, disability activism, disability theory, discourse, drawing, eating cheese, edie beale, ex-mennonites, fabric arts, final fantasy, flute solos, glasses, grokking in fullness, hetero guilt, hikaru sulu, homebodies, i-am-half-agony-half-hope, iyengar yoga, jane austen, jian ghomeshi, john, john lennon, john malkovich, jubal harshaw, k2 the mountain, katamari damacy, king crimson, knitting, led zeppelin, lurking, lush, making delicious food, making obscure movie references, margaret atwood, mirepoix, miriam toews, mis-matched dishes, mixtapes, morrissey, neil young, nellie rubina, nintendo, old dutch, orange, passe partout, peola chips, pickles, pizza with ketchup, place mats, pride and prejudice, professor snape's greasy hair, recovering catholics, recycling, red-headed boys, residual catholic guilt, revolutionary costumes, rodarte, sabatier, sadie the brick, sci fi, seed beads, self-love, seven phone calls, sex, shady pasts, sheesham and lotus, six glasses of water, spaghetti squash, spicy noodle house, spinning circles in skirts, spock, star trek, strings strings strings, sushi, sweet mixed pickles, tattoos, tea, textiles, the beatles, the pevensies, the trid, thunderstorms, toast with tomato, tolkien, toothpaste, trees, un-disneyfied mary poppins, uno, used bookstores, vaginas, victorian costume dramas, video games, vinyl, virgin newspapers, vulvas, water, wine, winnipeg, wolseley hippies, yoko ono
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